Food Hampers:


The Food Bank hours of operation are: Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 12 noon. 

The Food Bank is located at 1-1491 McPhee Avenue in Courtenay.

Please bring your photo ID whenever you are picking up items from the food bank.

You can pick up your food hamper once per month, which usually includes: milk, meat or eggs, bread, canned goods and veggies.  Other options may be available depending on what was donated that day.

You can also go to the Food Bank and pick up fresh vegetables and bread during the other three weeks of the month when you are unable to get a full hamper.

The Food Bank has set up a number system where you take a ticket by the front door and watch for your number to be posted.  With this new system you don't have to stand in a lineup because you can watch from your car for your number to be posted!  This way, if the weather is cold or wet and windy you can be comfortable while you wait.

There is also a new shopping model where you have a choice in selecting the food you want, rather than the pre-bagged hamper.  You can customize your hamper to meet the particular needs for your family.