Comox Valley Family Services Association is Accreditated through two (2) organizations: CARF and The B.C. Association of Family Resource Programs.

CVFSA has been accredited with CARF since 2005. We are pleased to announce that we have been issued CARF accreditation for another three(3) years: 2021-2023.

2021 Survey found that Comox Valley Family Services Association demonstrated the following strengths:

  • The Board of Directors of  CVFSA demonstrates a commitment to the organization's mission and supports the Executive Director in providing quality services.  There is an atmosphere of genuine synergy cohesiveness and high morale, pervasive across the organization.
  • Staff members commented on the warm professional caring atmosphere in which they work and describe CVFSA is an amazing supportive work environment. They feel supported by their coworkers and a part of a team working toward a common goal!
  • Care is taken to ensure that service is delivered by CVFSA in a manner that is respectful of individual circumstances non-judge mental and trauma-informed.  
  • Stakeholders indicated clients and their families feel supported and able to build connections with staff members.
  • Family members served described their workers as an "amazing positive soundboard" "kind non-judgemental" and "absolutely fabulous" Others commented on the strong relationship approach being friendly and comfortable to be around they “brought everyone in my family together to support me” 

Thank you to all who supported our accreditation process!!!