The Family Development Program assists children, youth and families involved with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Referrals are only though MCFD. 

The Family Development Program offers individualized outreach support to families and youth who require intervention and support.

Although the 'child is the client', workers go into a home and work with the whole family and identify resources for all family members. The goal is to help children/youth, who may be at risk of being taken into care, to stay with their families.  

This service works to restore positive functioning in families who would benefit from a variety of coordinated services that are individualized to meet each family’s specific needs.

The definition of family is determined by each specific case and may be a nuclear family, foster family, adoptive family, single parent, or relatives raising children. We also work with children that have been removed; the team works on providing access to the families and supporting families for reunification.

We often start by helping parents understand that whatever is stressing them is also stressing their children. The goals are as varied as the families we wokr with.

How is the program accessed? MCFD social workers assess the safety and risk to your child(ren); send a referral based on that assessment with identified goals that they would like us to work on with you. Once your referral has been accepted a Family Development worker will be assigned to you and your family. MCFD helps to ensure that a plan is in place to ensure that families know who to access 24/7.

Services offered through the Family Development Program can include:

• Parenting and/or life skills instruction

• Assistance and support to help participants access local resources, support and services. These can include: housing, addiction services, food security and counselling

• Supervision of family visits

• Assist participants to gain knowledge of local community services; and to increase their capacity for self-reliance.

Our youth work aspect provides a unique experience to engage youth and assist them with issues such as: social skills, addictions, accessing community resources, school issues, problem solving and conflict resolution. 

Is there a cost?

No. The services are free for those accepted into the program.

Clients have a voice: Our services are geared to support growth and development through a planned and integrated strength based approach. We also ensure that families 'have a voice' in identifying the services they believe would be helpful and whenever possible have a voice in choosing how services are delivered.

Our Team: We have 5 workers who work with families who have children under 12 years and 2 youth focused workers who work with youth (and their family) 12 to 18. There is a Program Manager as well.

All of the Family Development staff believes in helping to facilitate personal, social and educational growth to help participants reach their full potential personally and in their family.

For more information contact the Program Manager: 250 338 7575 ext. 228 see ABOUT page - 'Staff' for contact info

Funded by Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Reporting concerns: Under the Child and Family Services Act, anyone who believes a child may be in need of protection is required to report their concerns to a child welfare agency; locally that is the Ministry for Children and Family Development at: 250-334-5820. Community members have a duty to report their concerns in order to help protect children. The Ministry does not disclose the identity of the person who provides information.

 Proud to be accreditated through CARF