The Collaborative Planning Program Coordinator facilitates various types of 'family' meetings: to share information, look at the resources available and then determine the next best steps for the child/youth and family. The hope is that extended family and family supports can all be a part of planning at the different stages in a child or youth's life.

These processes or facilitated meetings involve family and community members in child welfare decision-making and produce plans and agreements that protect children and youth and as well address the needs of families.

Referrals are through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and there is no cost.

The Collaborative Planning Program consists of 3 different types of facilitated meetings:

1) Family Case Planning Conference/Meeting (FCPC): This is a 90-minute goal-oriented meeting usually held at the Ministry of Children and Family Development. An FCPC is a timely response, usually being able to be put together at short notice. These meetings work well when the child's safety or immediate needs are a high priority and a short term plan is required. This meeting focuses on immediate needs, the hopes of the participants, what is working well, what are the concerns, ideas and next steps. Participants of the meeting leave with a copy of the notes and the next steps.

Note: If your family is referred to FCPC, you will be contacted by MCFD social worker.

2) Family Group Conferences (FGC) * see video link: A Family Group Conference is a special meeting of parents, children, extended family and those that feel like family. The purpose of this meeting is to create a plan for long term planning, e.g. children transitioning home to parents; plans to support parents and care for children, children that cannot return home permanently and extended family creates a plan to support the children. This plan considers the child's physical and emotional needs, the skills and resources of the family, available community supports and the child's culture and community. It is usually a longer meeting held in a community location e.g. at our agency or community recreation centre.

3) Youth Transition Conferences (YTC): This program is available to those that are in continuing care (custody) of MCFD or on youth agreements. A Youth Transition Conference is a voluntary, youth-driven process based on the interest and abilities of a young person that is 18 and under. YTC is strength based and solution focussed. It is essential that youth are an active participant. The youth identifies what his/her proudest accomplishments are, what their skills, abilities, talents and gifts are, goals that they would like to accomplish in the next 6 months and long term goals. The youth identifies the participants they would like to attend the meeting.

Note: If your family is referred to FGC or YTC our coordinator will be in contact with the family, then extended family. The coordinator will explain the meetings so everyone understands their role and the purpose of the meeting.


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