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Nikkei- Ramen Ya

Greg: Six months ago yesterday, we opened their doors for business, “inviting the Comox Valley to share in their passion for authentic ramen. We're grateful that the Valley seems to be eating it up

From day one we've also had a no tipping policy that most people found a little unorthodox, but accepted. But for those who insisted on leaving a little extra, we vowed to accumulate that money to donate at a later time”.

They have already donated to a few other local agencies and were kind enough to choose us for their 3rd donation.

"We can't think of a better way to mark our 6 month anniversary than with our third donation, this time to the Comox Valley Family Services Association"

He went on to say "Erin and I moved to Courtenay from the Lower Mainland to put down roots and raise our young family. We believe that healthy families make for a healthy community (and vice versa) and we hope to affirm these feelings and strengthen our community by supporting others in their journeys to have secure family lives."

We thank them for their generosity of spirit and kindness in giving back to our community and our agency.