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Here is the Healthy Families Program Calendar. Please, Register - call the office at 250-871-7577 before coming to this program (there are criteria to attend).

 Also, we try and keep our programming as close to published dates as possible. However, on occasion, we have to make changes after the calendar has been sent out.  We endeavour to keep all participants, volunteers and community partners up to date on these changes and appreciate your understanding when we can’t.  

Here is our calendar for July and August 2019. A couple of notes:  

1) We’ll be starting Healthy Babies at 9:30 during the summer to allow for the participants to do some cooking before the group.

  • If you’re coming to that group as a guest/speaker, we’ll be starting the group itself between 10:15-10:30.  

2) We didn’t put all the times/locations information on the back of the calendar this time; let Michelle know if you need that information.