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Position:              VICTIM SERVICE WORKER  Temporary part-time 21 hours per week

Job Summary Provides support services, practical assistance, information, and referrals to clients who have been victims of crime.  

Key Duties and Responsibilities  

1.  Conducts client intake by performing duties such as obtaining demographic information, providing information regarding the victim service worker's role and the services offered by the organization, assisting clients in completing intake forms, and explaining issues related to confidentiality.  

2.  Provides emotional support to clients who have been victims of crime through active listening, debriefing, and validating clients' emotions.  

3.   Assesses clients' need for other services and provides them with information on helping organizations and professionals such as community service agencies, counselors, legal aid lawyers, physicians and mental health services. Recommends appropriate services to clients.  

4.   Provides crisis response and intervention as necessary. May be involved with ICAT meetings­ lnteragency Case Assessment Team: Working together to reduce risks. The overall intent is to increase victim safety in domestic violence cases  

5.   Supports clients' interests and rights by performing duties such as liaising for clients with the police and Crown Counsel, obtaining information about clients' cases including case status and hearing dates.  

6.  Provides information on police, legal and medical systems in general and specific to clients' cases. Provides information on crime prevention to clients to help them avoid re-victimization.  

7.   Provides court support services such as explaining court processes and trial procedures and providing court orientation and information on court preparation.  

8.   Provides accompaniment and/or transportation such as to court, police, and medical appointments. Assists clients in completing legal forms such as Criminal Injury Compensation Applications and Victim Impact Statements.    

9.   Participates in public education to raise awareness of physical or sexual assault and/or abuse, as required e.g. school &/or community events.  

10.  Consults and liaises with community service agencies to maintain up-to-date information on available resources and develop community relations.  

11.  Maintains and provides statistics and reports regarding service delivery as Required: bi-annual narrative and annual report.  

12.  Performs other related duties as required for the position.  


•       Emotional Support: Provide short-term emotional support specific to victims' unique concerns and needs. * note: the program is not a 24-hour crisis response service.  

•       Information: Provide case-specific information and general information about the justice system and the Victims of Crime Act.  

•       Practical Assistance: Assist victims in completing forms such as Crime Victim Assistance applications and victim impact statements.  

•       Court and After Court Support: Provide victims with information about the criminal court process and specific court result information as the case proceeds through the criminal justice system. Provide witness orientation, and other court-related support as needed, such as debriefing reactions to case outcomes.  

•       Referrals and Community Liaison: Refer to appropriate resources when needed, such as counseling resources, job training, legal aid, medical services, as well as local, provincial and community-based resources for victims of crime. Advocate with other services as appropriate and needed. Participate in community committees as appropriate e.g. VAWIR (Violence Against Women In Relationships).  

•       Public Education: As time allows, provide education on victim services and prevention.  

•       Administration: Meet administrative expectations of agency and program, including file and record-keeping, data collection, and submission of statistics.  

•       Supervision: Participate in individual and team supervision as required.


•       Knowledge of crisis intervention and support skills

•       Ability to work independently and on a team.

•       Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with justice system personnel and other victim service and                          community programs.

•       Professional communication skills and the ability to work with partnering agencies.

•       Demonstrate the ability to function as a member of a Multi-Interdisciplinary team.

•       Organizational and administrative skills, including computer skills, necessary to meet the Programs requirements.

•       Prior victim services/advocacy experience beneficial.

•       Knowledge of sexual abuse dynamics and its impact on children and families. Knowledge of dynamics of violence in intimate relationships, sexual assault, criminal harassment and sexual/physical abuse in childhood •       Ability to communicate with a wide range of professionals.

•       Understanding of police, children services(MCFD), and court system  

Education and Knowledge Degree preferred; will accept a minimum of a diploma in a related human/ social service field with related or similar experience.  

Training and Experience: Two (2) years recent related experience; working with adults, children, youth and families.    

*As a condition of employment needs a reliable work vehicle and business insurance to cover the transportation of clients. Must pass criminal record check and have successful reference checks.  

Please submit resume to:  [email protected] 

Application deadline Sept 17 2021