Program Name:         Healthy Families Program            Position Title:        Program Manager  

Supervisor/Reports to: Executive Director  


The Healthy Families Program Manager is responsible for the management, supervision and evaluation of the Healthy Families Program. Management competencies include performance indicators in four domains: leadership, resource management, strategic management and community collaboration. These competencies provide a basic framework of knowledge and skills that define effective and sound practices designed to align within our organization’s mission and values.   This program receives core funding from Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and provides a comprehensive range of services to participants enrolled in the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) and the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) Program in the Comox Valley.  

Main Duties and responsibilities   ·         Manages and oversees the day-to-day operation of the Healthy Families Program; maintains best practices with a focus on prenatal, postnatal, infancy and the early learning years; ·         Provides positive leadership to staff, encouraging a team approach, professional attitude and always modeling best practices; ·         Recruitment and selection of program staff by screening applicants, participating on interview panels, and making hiring recommendations in consultation with the Executive Director; provides orientation within agency and community; ·         Supervises program staff by performing duties such as assigning work and conducting performance evaluations; updates job roles and/or responsibilities; organizes team meetings; ·         Direct service to target population within group settings and/or individual support; ·         Authorizes program expenditures and assists with budget estimates in accordance with quarterly reports and fiscal year-end; monitors program expenses and maintains financial records within established annual budget; ·         Prepares, maintains and submits all statistical records and data collection as required; responsible for PHAC annual evaluation reports for CAPC and Healthy Babies Prenatal Nutrition Program; ·         Evaluates the program through outcomes, outputs and success indicators based on the program’s logic model work evaluation plan; ·         In consultation with the Executive Director, prepares and submits grant proposals; ·         Other related duties as assigned by Executive Director.        

Committee and Community Work   ·         In conjunction with the Executive Director, builds and supports a collaborative network of relationships and partnerships between the Healthy Families Program and relevant community stakeholders; ·         Liaises with Healthy Babies Steering Committee members to collaborate with individuals/community services to promote public awareness and to facilitate referrals to the program; Supports team representation on the agency Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee; Represents agency and actively participates on the Comox Valley Perinatal Advisory Council, the Comox Valley Early Years Council, the North Island CAPC Coalition, the BC Association of Pregnancy Outreach Programs and the Comox Valley Indigenous Early Years Council.      

Preferred Qualifications   ·         Minimum of a completed university degree in a related health, nutrition or social services field; ·         Three to five years of training and education in directly-related discipline; ·         Minimum of two (2) years in a social service management role with direct experience providing staff support and program coordination; successful grant writing experience; ·         Awareness of B.C. Employment and labour practices and standards; and ·         Experience with non-profit organizations in leadership role an asset.  

Knowledge, Skills and Ability   ·         Committed to agency mission, vision and core values; ·         Exceptional proven team-building ability combined with excellent verbal and written communication skills; ·         Ability to work independently, make decisions and to develop work-plans that have a positive impact and add value for the agency as well as program participants; ·         Vision and resourcefulness in developing strategies, addressing issues and identifying gaps in service; ·         Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, community colleagues and the general public; ·         Demonstrated level of proficiency in computer functions, statistical reporting and grant writing to ensure availability of resources and supports needed to achieve desired results; ·         Demonstrated ability to provide de-briefing, support, and coaching to staff and team support; ability to coordinate/manage differing staff schedules; ·         Orient, train and assist staff in identification of participant needs and successful engagement with the target population; identification of high-risk participants and guides staff in development of appropriate service plans; ·         Exceptional ability to be non-judgmental and approachable; ·         Good organization and time management skills; able to meet scheduled deadlines and handle a number of issues simultaneously; ·         Experience working with at-risk clientele seen as an asset; ·         Strong conflict resolution and crisis intervention skills;   ·         Knowledge of relevant and appropriate community resources; ·         Strong personal self-care plan and support network; demonstrated ability to       set, adhere to and respect healthy personal and professional boundaries;   ·         Ability to perform all physical requirements of the position e.g. keyboarding and lifting up to 35 lbs/16 kilos (car seats) as needed; puts into practice correct ergonomics to prevent injury.  

General Successful reference checks and criminal record check; Educational Verification; Valid driver’s license and safe, reliable personal vehicle to use when on agency business; Successful drivers abstract and willingness to obtain appropriate business insurance; Current Occupational First Aid/CPR; Available for occasional flexible working hours.  

Reporting Structure:   The agency is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.The Program Manager reports directly to the Executive Director and will schedule regular program check-ins and supervision to discuss and review the progress of the program. This includes identifying emerging trends and challenges, discussing participant needs, reviewing staff case management needs and issues while sharing learnings, successes and future directions.   The Program Manager is also a key part of the agency’s leadership, which includes the Executive Director, Family Development Program Manager, Program Coordinators and the Administrative Officer. Attends joint management meetings with Family Development Program Manager and the Executive Director.   Desired qualifications include, but are not limited to: strong leadership and management skills, particularly in fiscal and human resource management; ability to implement change, motivate staff and maintain relationships.  

Accessibility   Our agency welcomes applications from all qualified applicants including but not limited by those of any sex, race, gender, orientation, or disability. Multilingual, multicultural, Indigenous/First Nations and Métis competencies are desirable and considered assets.     

This position is 25 hours per week, permanent part-time, benefits included. ·         Please submit a detailed cover letter and a current resume to demonstrate how previous education and experience relates to the advertised position. ·      

For more information contact -    

Jane Hughes, Healthy Families Program Manager       250-871-7577