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Comox Valley Family Services Board Of Directors Volunteer Position

Location: Courtenay
Start Date:
Salary: Volunteer
Hours: per week

Comox Valley Family Services Association (CVFSA) is a multi-service non-profit society serving children, youth & families in the Comox Valley and outlying areas.  The Board is Directors is accepting applications  vacancies.  The CVFSA Board governs in a strategic manner with an emphasis on long-range vision, proactive leadership on key issues, and policy development that defines and guides the ongoing work of the association.  As a Director at Large, you are responsible to promote the agency’s philosophy and principles.  A detailed job description is available at request.  Please direct inquiries to Lisa Iverson



Board of Director’s

Job Description

Position Description:    Board of Director’s

Governing Style:

The Comox Valley Family Services Association Board of Directors (the Board) will govern in a strategic manner that emphasizes long-range vision, proactive leadership on key issues, and policy development that will define and guide the ongoing work of the association.


The Board is the legal authority for the Comox Valley Family Services Association (CVFSA) as outlined in the Association’s By-Laws. As a member of the

Board, a Director acts in a position of trust for the broader community and members of the CVFSA and is responsible for the effective governance of the association.


The Board of Directors:

1. Promotes the philosophy and principles of CVFSA. 

2. Formulates, reviews and approves policy directions for the Association.

3. Develops, reviews and revises the Strategic Plan on an annual basis.

4. Approves the annual work plan to ensure that it meets the Key Issues and Strategic Directions of the Strategic Plan.

5. Monitors the financial position of the association and approves the annual budget.

6. Hires and evaluates the Executive Director.

7. Makes decisions based on recommendations from Board Committees.

8. Evaluates Board performance annually.

9. Is responsible for the ongoing sustainability of the association.


Board members are expected to:

1. Be a member in good standing of CVFSA.

2. Act in the best interest of the association. The Board works using a consensus model where possible.

3. Participate on Board committees and/or Task Groups.

4. Abide by the By-Laws and the various policies and procedures of the association.

5. Attend meetings and activities of the Board and Board committees unless inhibited to do so by significant circumstances, in which case they are expected to contact the Board President or Committee Chair and, if possible, find other ways to contribute to the key discussions.

6. Be prepared to participate in the discussions and deliberations of the Board and applicable committees.

7. Respect and adhere to the CVFSA Confidentiality Statement.

8. Respect and adhere to the CVFSA Conflict of Interest Policy.


Ideally, the members of the Board will:

1. Be familiar with the Association, including its mission and structure.

2. Support the Mission, Vision, and Goals of the association.

3. Prepared to commit 2-3 hours per month, plus 2-3 days a year for strategic planning and board development.

5. Have strong communication skills.

6. Be able to work as a part of a team

7. Be knowledgeable about and with skills in one or more of the following areas:  business administration, financial management, policy development, planning, fund raising and development, government relations, public relations, community development.

Additional assets would include:

1. Previous experience on a not-for-profit Board of Directors.

2. Good written and oral skills.

3. A sense of humour and patience.


Apply with cover letter:

Board President
c/o Comox Valley Family Services Association
1415 Cliffe Avenue Courtenay, B.C. V9N 2K6
Phone: 250-338-7575 ext. 227 Fax: 250-338-2343





Apply with cover letter:

Executive Director
Comox Valley Family Services Association
1415 Cliffe Avenue Courtenay, B.C. V9N 2K6
Fax: 250-338-2343

We encourage and support equal employment opportunities for all applicants for employment without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or other characteristics unrelated to the skills and abilities required for job performance