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Healthy Families Program

The Healthy Families Program supports the efforts of parents to give children a strong foundation in life through weekly drop-in groups, access to parent-child resources and opportunities to develop new social connections. Parents can participate in a cooperative environment that promotes learning, well-being and personal growth. Ideas are shared and information is presented by parents, facilitators and guest speakers. Healthy meals and transportation to groups are provided.

The overall goal of this program is to support the healthy development of children and families who are living in conditions of risk. Parents are supported in their learning about parenting & life skills, community resources, child development, safety and healthy eating. Safe and stimulating childcare enables groups to be parent focused but also offers children the opportunity to play with age-appropriate toys, book backpacks and participate in rhymes, songs and stories.

The priorities of service include support, education and referral to community resources through participation in weekly drop-in groups:

  • Healthy Babies (pregnancy outreach program) - for women who are pregnant or have a baby under six months of age
  • Stay N' Play - for parents with babies from 4-12 months of age
  • Toddler Time - for parents with children between the ages of 12-23 months
  • CAPC Parent Support - for parents with children from 2-6 years of age
  • Fanny Bay Moms & Tots group -  (Tuesday mornings 9:30-11:00)
  • Little Learner's Literacy Project - families can receive a library card, learn how to borrow books and enjoy storytime with children 0-6 years of age

Funding by Public Health Agency of Canada, BC Association of Family Resource Programs, BC Gaming, United Way Central, North Vancouver Island and Comox Valley Literacy Now.


Healthy Babies - Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

The goal of the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) is to increase access to health and social supports for prenatal and recently postpartum women facing challenging circumstances that put their health and the health of their infants at risk.

Key activities include nutrition education and counselling, food supplementation, one-on-one and/or group support, free prenatal vitamins, breastfeeding information & support and referrals to other agencies/services.


Community Action Program for Children (CAPC)

Qualified staff facilitate a supportive learning environment where families can enjoy early learning activities for children, socialize with other parents and access community resources.  Staff engages in activities with parents and children to model positive parenting and promote healthy parent/child interactions.  Young children can develop social interaction skills and enjoy hands-on play activities.

This program benefits from positive working partnerships with many local agencies. Community partners provide valuable information, resources and support to parents and program staff.