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Adopt - A - Program

We are excited to offer this opportunity for businesses and/or private benefactors that donate over $200 on an annual basis ~ a chance to participate in our ‘Adopt-A-Program’.

By ‘adopting one of our programs’ your donation will provide unique opportunities for yourself/business and of course will help enhance services for our community's children, youth and families.

Since 1974, children, youth and families, and other social service professionals have turned to Comox Valley Family Services Association with their needs and received excellent personal attention, information, and assistance. While many things have changed over the years – our goal – to build on individual and family strengths to support our participants to have healthy lifestyles and choices, has not and will not change. We see all children, youth and families as a key part of the future of our community.

Many of our programs struggle with funding and the funds can be earmarked to a specific program which allows us to help those participants within that program.

Once you have made your first annual contribution we will then add your name as an annual agency donor. We will send out reminder before anniversary date arrives when your next contribution is due. We are a registered charity so we can ensure you get a tax receipt.

1. Who to Sponsor


Adopting a program allows donors the chance to see their donation at work ~ we can arrange for you to meet staff with the program to become more familiar with how the donation will be put to use.

Our Executive Director will sit down with you and explain the program’s focus and mandate. From there we may put you in touch with the supervisor of that program who can explain the services more in depth with that program and have an opportunity to meet with you as an annual donor.

When adopting a program you, the donor will receive a brief annual update by their adopted program; sharing the progress the families and program have made.

Note: You can also contribute annually to the agency and we will ensure the funds go to a program that is in need.



We work with you to ensure that you are happy with the recognition for your gracious donation. For example some contributors prefer to make anonymous gifts and others may ask for recognition. Either way we make sure you are thanked because every bit of additional monies is incredibility helpful to the children, youth and families we work with. 

How to Get Started


We have many programs to choose from with a variety of different service areas for children, youth and/or families.  

 To adopt one of programs &/or for further information please contact:

 Executive Director

Gillian Normandin:    (250) 338-7575 ext. 227

Email at: