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We strive to be a well known, recognized, easily accessed agency with secure diverse funding that supports clients, staff, programs and future growth.

-Comox Valley Family Services Association

Who We Are

Comox Valley Family Services Association Board Members 2015

Lisa Iverson (Board President)
Tony Walsh (Vice President)
Janet Murphey (Secretary)
Margaret Griffith-Cochrane (Director)
Brett Walker (Director)
Kelly Wilson (Treasurer)

Our Mission

We build on individual and family strengths to support growth and healthy lifestyles.

Our Purpose

Improved quality of life for people in their communities.

Our Commitment

We provide the highest standard of service possible. We achieve this by fostering constructive relationships and consistently upholding the CVFSA values in all of our programs.

Our Values

  • We value a safe, healthy and supportive environment.  We are compassionate, caring and empathetic.
  • We value a high standard of ethical practice.  We maintain confidentiality, are accountable for all our decisions and actions, and engage in ongoing learning and evaluation.
  • We value teamwork.  We acknowledge strengths, celebrate successes and recognize limitations.
  • We value commitment.  We are dedicated to our work and to achieving meaningful and beneficial outcomes.
  • We value trust.  We consider the implications and effectiveness of our actions.
  • We value positive relationships. We strive for respect, honesty and dependability.
  • We value growth.  We promote personal growth and acknowledge the energy required to achieve change.
  • We value a holistic approach.  We respect the uniqueness and importance of each individual, family, and community.
  • We value diversity.  We see diversity as a strength and welcome the depth of perspective that diversity brings to our decisions and actions.
  • We value collaboration.  We work in partnership with clients and team members and recognize their skills.
  • We value inclusion.  We assist everyone to see themselves as a valued member of their community.


What to Expect - An Orientation to CVFSA Programs

We believe that everyone who participates in our programs or services is entitled to an orientation and overview about what to expect. You will receive information about:

  • How the specific program might be of benefit to you;
  • Your rights and responsibilities;
  • Procedures to follow if you are unhappy about the service and/or decisions made;
  • How input on programs and services will be solicited;
  • All of our agency’s services and activities, expectations, hours of operation, code of ethics, confidentiality policy;
  • Our policy regarding smoking, seclusion or restraint, licit and illicit drugs, and weapons;

Program management and clinical supervision is engaged in the “learning system” through the provision of clinical support, training and supervision and through various mechanisms that track program outcomes and effectiveness; that in turn informs strategic planning at the agency level.